Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meat and Veggie Hash with Two Fried Eggs



4 breakfast sausage links
4 strips bacon
1/2 medium yellow diced onion
1 medium tomato
2 cups fresh spinach
1 cup sliced button mushrooms
1 large potato (or 2 cups pre-shredded frozen hashbrowns for EZPZ)
1 tbsp fat of choice (I use BUTTA)
2 eggs
Pinch S&P


Cast iron skillet or large skillet for hash
Pot for boiling potato (if you're going the difficult route...)
2nd skillet for eggs                           


Prep your veggies - dice tomato, mushrooms, and onion.  Boil your potato til al dente - just barely fork tender.  Then, in true Chicago style, cut up into small half inch cubes. Or you know, just pull your hash bag out of the freezer and scoop out two heaping handfuls. 
Cook your sausage and bacon in the skillet on medium high heat.  This should take about 4 minutes to cook - brown on all sides and then remove to paper towels to let cool a bit.  Cut up your meats into bite sized pieces. Keep that beautiful leftover fat in the pan.
(Make sure you read instruction #4 before doing this step... this recipe works best if you can multitask) I like my mushrooms and onions to be cooked a bit in my hash so I throw those into the skillet next and let em sweat for a few minutes on medium high heat.  Then add your potatoes and turn the heat down to medium.  LET THEM SIT THERE for 5 minutes for fresh potatoes (according to instruction for frozen...).  This will make em brown and crunchy mmmmmm.  Add your meats, tomato, and spinach and flip that baby (add some butter if you fear stickage) until the spinach wilts about 2 minutes.  Sprinkle S&P.   

While your taters are browning, fire up your 2nd skillet with the fat of your choice on medium high heat.  Crack in your eggs and cook 1 minute each side for over easy.  Sprinkle some S&P on top.

Plate your hash with the eggs on top and dig in!  Bloody Mary highly recommended as accompaniment. 


Welp.  It happened.  The Blackhawks were on their 2nd Semi-Final Game and I imbibed generously with friends (a nice Italian Chianti if you wanna know..) at my local bar spot.  It was awesome.  We won (if you've been living under a rock or don't care about sports like me unless my team is in it).  And we celebrated dutifully.  Unfortunately, I did not follow my own "glass of water for each glass of vino" guidelines and woke up with a wee bit of a headache.  And thus, the pinnacle of my skillet hash was born.

The best thing about this recipe is that it can be doctored to suit your fridge.  I've put zucchini, kale, leftover burgers, broccoli, used sweet potatoes instead of regular, or added corned beef to this thing and it always comes out massively delicious.  Don't fret over the ingredients.  I might also be able to call this recipe "Everything But the Kitchen Sink" but I thought 1 cliche was enough.  

What's your favorite skillet combination?  Tell me in the comments!

Also, my instagram and twitter handles are those iconic buttons on the top right of the screen.  Go ahead.. do it. If you do, you'll know when this thing will update next.



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